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The Best Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders

How to squirrel proof bird feeder? Most people just think of keeping the bird feeders clean, but they never stop to think of how to squirrel-proof bird feeders. If your bird feeders are messy and disorganized, birds won’t get to eat and that’s it!

There are several ways to squirrel-proof bird feeders. Some people even pay to have their feeders professionally cleaned to eliminate squirrels. I have had better luck cleaning my own feeders by hand, then by professional cleaning companies. It was far less expensive and more fun than most pest control services.

At my local bird feeder stores, the amount of bird seed is extremely small. I love to use the vacuum cleaner on the floor, but most people have little to do with the vacuum cleaner once the birdseed is in the bags. It’s all left to the big birds, including the squirrels.

For squirrel proofing your bird feeders, you can add non-toxic products to the feeders so that the birds will go elsewhere for food. Bird food with rots or spoiled seeds and bird seed left out in the weather, is a direct magnet for squirrels.

It is important to keep the bird feeders out of direct sunlight. Squirrels are not equipped to handle the bright light, even if they have been bred to eat vegetables that are under light, those lights are too much for them. They will fly right out of the sun and no matter how many hours you keep the feeders out, the squirrels will still be in the open.

Birds with strong back legs like pigeons, red-winged blackbirds, robins, love to forage for seeds and bugs around bird feeders, but if you build bird feeders in a natural setting with many bird species, you will attract more birds that will eat the bird seed and make the feeders much more fruitful. What do you think the squirrels will think when there are not as many insects in their environment? The worst thing to do is to put up a small feeder to attract birds and leave it untouched.

Another method for squirrel proofing bird feeders is to keep the seed and water containers in the back of your garden shed, garage, or tool shed. You can also place new bird feeders in the back, or in other locations, to take advantage of the direct magnetism.

With squirrel proofing bird feeders, a mix of solutions is recommended. A light sprinkling of vegetable oil in the bird feeders is a good idea, a light misting of water in the bird feeders, or a coat of insecticide in the bird feeders will also deter squirrels.

Squirrels love picking berries. When berries are ripe, they often appear to be almost irresistible. Make sure that the berries are eaten off the feeders or something that they can’t reach.

After berries are fully ripened, put a shallow bowl of water in the back of the feeder, and add a seed bag to this container. This will discourage squirrels from stealing the berries off the feeders.

You can also put a seed bag in the feeder but keep the seed bag below the level of the water. This will discourage squirrels from getting the seed from the seed bag.

Using home remediesto squirrel proof bird feeders has worked well for me. I like the natural looks of bird feeders, but I want my birds to have the best food and healthiest food. A home-made remedy has provided me with squirrel-proof bird feeders and lots of healthy, tasty food.