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How to Move a Piano Safely and Efficiently

Moving pianos requires an expert team to ensure a smooth and safe move. The instrument’s awkward shape and weight make it difficult to maneuver, and professional movers have the equipment and skill to safely transport your prized piano without damage.

Costs to Move a Piano

The price of piano moving is based on several factors, including the type of piano being moved, the distance it will travel and the number of stairs that will be involved in the move. It also includes the labor required to move it and the company’s time spent using its moving tools.

Choosing the Best Piano Movers

It is important to choose a reputable company piano movers that is certified by the American Moving and Storage Association. The Association has stringent standards that movers must meet. These include having the right equipment, experience in specialized moving techniques and training their employees to provide exceptional customer service.

These companies are able to move a variety of piano types and sizes, from small uprights to the heaviest baby grand. They also offer full-service packing and storage options to protect your musical instrument from the elements.

They often use ATV shuttle vehicles and e-track piano moving boards to make the transfer as fast and easy as possible. They may also use specialized dollies and crates to help with the move.

Pianos can range in size from a few hundred pounds to over half a ton, so it is crucial to hire a team of experienced professionals to move them safely and efficiently. They will know how to disassemble and reassemble the keys, pedals, legs and lid to protect it from damage while in transit.

The team will also need to wrap the piano carefully so that it can be transported safely, and it will need to be securely secured inside of the truck with straps. The team will also be able to provide padding to help prevent any dings or scratches that may occur during the journey.

Before the piano is moved, the movers will take care to measure the hallways, doors, and staircases of the house where they will be moving the piano. They will also want to remove any swinging doors or floors that could get in the way of the instrument’s transportation.

They will then load the piano onto a moving dolly and transport it to the truck. They will then secure it to the truck with special straps, making sure that it does not shift or fall off of the dolly while in transit.

Another way a piano moving company can save you money is by charging you a fixed rate for their services. They will typically charge by the hour, but they might have a flat rate for all moves. They may also charge you by the piano, depending on its size and type.

These companies have a proven track record and a good reputation for being professional and reliable. They will provide quality service at an affordable price, and they will treat your prized piano with respect.