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Commercial Electricians Work With Two Different Sets of Tools

Commercial electricians install, repair, maintain and upgrade electrical systems in commercial businesses. Installing new electrical parts and wiring, including lights and switches. Maintaining existing electrical systems to ensure they are up to code, safe and functioning properly. Detecting and correcting problems in electrical equipment or wiring. Also installing emergency electrical supplies like cell phones, and emergency generator and switches.

Each of the three main trade categories is represented by a majority of commercial electricians. These three professionals are in the manufacturing, building, and construction industries. In addition there are many contractors that perform electrical work for residential and commercial properties. All three professions and their sub-specialties require the same basic skills.

All commercial electricians need to have experience and training to do any job. Most work on small commercial projects as employees of larger companies, repairing lighting, air conditioning and security systems. Contractors usually hire commercial electricians to take care of the electrical needs for large buildings, such as shopping malls, hospitals, office buildings and large hotels. There is a large pool of commercial electricians that work for large retail stores and restaurants.

As residential electrical work has become more specialized, commercial electricians are also becoming more knowledgeable in all types of residential work. The increased demand for residential and commercial electrical work makes this an excellent area to choose when you start a new business. This field offers job stability with great potential for growth and high compensation. Many commercial electricians start their own business in this field after years working for larger companies. Choosing a career path that allows for job expansion is a wise choice for anyone seeking a long-term position.

Commercial electrical systems are necessary in large buildings to provide power and other electrical needs for businesses and residences. In residential areas, commercial electricians work with houses and various types of commercial buildings, including apartment buildings. All commercial electricians work with one purpose in mind, which is safety. This is another reason why hiring a good electrician makes sense.

The responsibilities of an experienced electrical professional include installing and repairing various types of wiring, such as in offices and homes. They also install and repair lighting, ventilation systems and security systems, among other things. One of the most unique aspects of the electrical profession is that they are required to use an increasing number of advanced tools. Some examples of these tools include cable saws, loaders and trimming tools. These tools not only make the job of commercial electricians much easier but also make them highly skilled professionals. Each job requires the electrician to have completed a specific set of education requirements.