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Best Chicken Names to Choose For Your Family Favorite Birds

As a chicken farmer I am constantly asked what are the best chicken names to choose for our hens. Many refer to them as “chickens” and others call them “round,” but they are all the same, for they are all chickens. They are clean animals and very hardy. So I have thought long and hard about this question. Below I have listed some of the top names for our chickens and the reasons why they are the best or click here for even more.

Best Chicken Names to Choose for your Flock

Each of these names is one that has a different meaning. One is “Sheep” because they come in large numbers in the winter. If you have more than one flock then you know that this becomes a major problem in the spring. So “Sheep” is the perfect name for them.

Another one of my favorite names is “Fawn.” I have several pinkie hens that are named Fawn and they are such fun to watch. They play together in the winter and in the spring they fly out to greet each other. My favorite names for her are Gold, Honey and Cinnamon. This makes for a fun loving flock.

Another one of my favorites is “Buck.” This is a great name for a male coon. This is one of my oldest birds that I have and she is only ten years old. She has served me well as a rugger and as a pet bird caller.

One of my favorite chicken names is “Fancy.” This is a female coon that I have named Fancy. She is one of my smallest birds. She is also one of my best friends. She is also called Sparkling and Love.

One of my favorite choices is “Lilith.” This is a female coon that was named after my little sister. She is about two and a half years old. She is an active girl that loves to play with all of the toys. She also loves to be held by my Dad. She is so cute and adorable.

The last of my favorites is “Rascal.” This is another cute little chicken that I got because of one of my aunts. She is about one year old. She loves to call everyone Rascal. She can also be called Rascal the Kid since she is a very lively kid.

If you are looking for chicken names for your chicks, I hope you will choose the ones that you really love. You do not have to stick to one name for them. If they are going to be called something different in a year or two you may want to switch it up. It can also be fun to mix it up if you have more than one child that has a different name.

A few names have meanings that go along with them. “Buck” means loyal and happy. “Fritz” is German for fearless or brave. These are good names for boys. “Max” has to do with max. He is a strong, brave boy.

You do not have to always call your hens by their name. Some times you will just want to refer to them by their color. You might want to call them either Cinnamon or Honey. Although the chickens may never be confused with each other, they will still look the same to anyone else so why not name them accordingly?

When calling your hens you can choose from different options. Some call your birds by their name and some will call them by their calling sound. They will either sound like chirping or a soft whirring noise. You can also choose how many times you want to repeat their name.

If you are having trouble choosing the best chicken names for your birds, you can even ask other people on the web for ideas. There are tons of chicken forums that will help you choose. The great thing about forums is that they are filled with other people who share the same feelings as you. You will definitely come up with a list of great names for your chicken.